If you’re experiencing low back pain it may be the handy work of tight Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscles. This muscle is actually a very small muscle in your low back but it can cause a great amount of discomfort.  The pain can radiate down to your buttocks and leg to giving the illusion that those areas are the source but it’s actually coming from your QL.

The QL’s actions are to extend, stablize, and laterally flex the lumbar spine. It also “lifts” the hip and aids in breathing.  This muscles attaches to your lower ribs, lumbar spine and also to the top of your pelvis, on both sides of your body.

If you’re having trouble balencing on one leg while lifting the other to put on your pants or socks then you definitely have a QL issue.  The good news is releasing this muscle is easy, but it can be a painful!

I’ve worked on a number of clients in the past few weeks with QL issues.  If you are having low back pain you don’t have to live with it!  Get a massage and ask your therapist to work on your Quadratus Lumborum!

Below is a video with good stretches and techniques for self-help!